We've Been Combining Technology & Expertise for More Than 35 Years


Computing accurate, timely payroll calculations can be complicated, difficult, and time consuming. That's why millions of businesses turn to a payroll service every week for help.

At Payroll Matters, we take the complexity of calculating, planning, and delivering payroll away from your busy schedule and move it all  behind the scenes with our in-house development staff. Having programming staff in house allows us to make customizations and adjustments quickly and easily. 

All payroll calculations are completed using our proprietary, proven software system, which was originally created by our founder, Richard Krasnow, decades ago. Since that time, we've continuously updated and improved our system to allow for maximum flexibility, accuracy, and extensibility. 


We know New Hampshire payroll like nobody else. With more than three decades of experience, we've seen it all, from large to small. Our staff has thousands of hours of experience, and we're ready to bring our knowledge to your business. Because we've experienced so much over the years, our customer service, attention to detail and accuracy are second to none.